About Swoop

Swoop allows retailers to offer short, immediate offers to shoppers without the need for marketing, copyrighting or photography expertise. The offers last for just 60 mins and expire.

About the offers

Shoppers see a list of all the ‘live’ offers within 20kms of their current location. You can also scroll the list and see upcoming offers. Just touch an offer to see the offer details and directions to the retailer. You can also share the offer and see the terms and conditions for that offer.

Retailers use Swoop to promote products or services at a discount for a short period. This might include perishable items which are close to their sell-by date, end of line products, sale items etc. Or, they might run a special offer because of the season or the weather or just because its a quiet day. 

How offers work

Swoop offers are issued by the retailer and each offer has a countdown timer. When the timer reaches zero the offer expires and is no longer valid.

How to redeem offers

Simply show the ‘live’ voucher screen to the retailer when you arrive at their shop to redeem the offer. Retailers are not obliged to redeem offers which have expired so you have to get there before the timer reaches zero.


Retailers won’t accept screenshots or screen recordings. Retailers may offer an alternative product if the product on offer is out of stock. The offers are not transferable for cash and have no cash equivalent.

Reporting infringements

Retailers use images in their offer pages. If you find their image offensive then you can use the red flag to report the image to us and we will review the image and take appropriate action.

If you have a complaint about the retailer, then please attempt to reconcile the issue with the retailer themselves. If you are still not satisfied then please contact us at support@swoopsave.com explaining your issue and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Problems with the app

Swoop is currently available on iOS and Android phones. It may work on other devices but we don’t recommend it.

Swoop relies upon knowing your location in order to show you the offers available in your area. This will only work if you have location services turned on and have allowed Swoop to use your location. You do not need to register an account or reveal any personal data to use Swoop which means you remain entirely anonymous while using Swoop. 

If you cannot see any offers, then it may mean that Swoop has not yet launched in your area or you that have no network connection where you are. 


We welcome your feedback and consider all opinions and suggestions, so please do get in touch hello@swoopsave.com

Thank you,

David Hymans